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Giving Back

In February 2021, I posted the following: “In the spirit of giving, if I am elected I will be donating half of my stipend each year to a local non-profit to support our community. I don’t need a stipend for child care or other arrangements. Therefore, this money should go back into the community to…

April 13, 2021 Preliminary Results

Preliminary results of yesterday’s Town/Village votes: Reconsideration on merger failed by 26 votes. The numbers were Yes: 4199 to No: 4225. There were 114 blank votes. The Non-binding Advisory question regarding separation passed with just under 76% of the vote. The numbers were Yes: 2689 to No: 709. There were 149 blank votes. With much…

Recount results

Recount result was just announced: I’ve won the 3 year selectboard seat 3350 to 3348. I am honored to be your next Selectboard member and can’t wait to get to work! Merger recount resulted in the questioning failing with 3737 Yes votes and 3756 No votes. Don’t ever think that your vote doesn’t matter! A…

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