The Value of Data

At last night’s joint Selectboard/Trustee meeting, Finance Director Sarah Macy certainly cleared up a lot of confusion. Her matter-of-fact way of presenting the full financial impact from all angles was exactly what residents have been wanting.

In addition to what’s in the packet, she presented a comprehensive spreadsheet which expands upon one I’ve posted in the past few days AND includes TIV impact. It shows tax implications for start/ending tax bill, cumulative amounts paid over the phase in, AND the difference between a 12 year phase in and a ‘big bang’ approach.

Sarah’s approach to showing all data from multiple perspectives and scenarios was a breath of fresh air. It should be noted that the spreadsheet mentioned isn’t in the actual meeting packet, but you can watch it here. Sarah’s presentation starts at 53:00 and she discusses the mentioned spreadsheet and analysis at 1:01:43.

Published by Tracey for Essex

I am a candidate for the 3 year seat on the Essex VT Selectboard.

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