April 13, 2021 Preliminary Results

Preliminary results of yesterday’s Town/Village votes: Reconsideration on merger failed by 26 votes. The numbers were Yes: 4199 to No: 4225. There were 114 blank votes. The Non-binding Advisory question regarding separation passed with just under 76% of the vote. The numbers were Yes: 2689 to No: 709. There were 149 blank votes. With muchContinue reading “April 13, 2021 Preliminary Results”

Communication and Committee Structure

I was recently asked if there was a special area of concentration I’d like to focus on. Yes, there is! Communication: At a meeting with the Selectboard, Trustees, Planning Commissions, and ZBA, I stated that there needs to be more communication between all elected/appointed bodies. The Selectboard should meet on at least an annual basisContinue reading “Communication and Committee Structure”