Communication and Committee Structure

I was recently asked if there was a special area of concentration I’d like to focus on. Yes, there is! Communication: At a meeting with the Selectboard, Trustees, Planning Commissions, and ZBA, I stated that there needs to be more communication between all elected/appointed bodies. The Selectboard should meet on at least an annual basisContinue reading “Communication and Committee Structure”

The Value of Data

At last night’s joint Selectboard/Trustee meeting, Finance Director Sarah Macy certainly cleared up a lot of confusion. Her matter-of-fact way of presenting the full financial impact from all angles was exactly what residents have been wanting. In addition to what’s in the packet, she presented a comprehensive spreadsheet which expands upon one I’ve posted inContinue reading “The Value of Data”

Correcting Misinformation

You may have recently seen a post on Facebook, Front Porch Forum, or elsewhere titled “Serious Misinformation About Merger”. I think it’s extremely important to point out that the post contains misinformation itself! The post claims that the numbers presented by two Town Outside the Village (TOV) residents is “…absolutely NOT correct” and “…absolutely false”.Continue reading “Correcting Misinformation”

Representative Democracy?

Background: At the Selectboard meeting on 1/11/2021, member Andy Watts was asked to hold his comments on the agenda item “Consider approval of merger vote information materials”; it was ‘not the time’ to discuss the document and that comments should instead be emailed. A week later (1/19/2021), the same item was on the agenda. SelectboardContinue reading “Representative Democracy?”

Public Participation

Imagine you are a single parent. Imagine you don’t have the extra cash to pay a babysitter for 3-4 hours (or more) several times every month to attend municipal meetings. Imagine you have mobility issues and it is difficult for you to travel to an in-person meeting. Imagine you just aren’t comfortable attending a formalContinue reading “Public Participation”