“I am excited Tracey Delphia is running for the Selectboard. I first met Tracey about a decade ago when she was on the Board of Trustees for the Vermont State Employees’ Association (VSEA). She has always been a tireless advocate for workers’ rights and is always the first to step forward to ask “How can I help?” Tracey is running because she believes that when we don’t provide the space to have open, honest, and meaningful conversations, it perpetuates the fear that decisions are being made without an effort to fully engage the public as part of the open meeting process. I believe she has the experience our community needs to meet the challenges ahead. I hope you will consider giving her your vote.”
-James Haslam
Stonebrook Circle

“I’ve taken the time to get to know Tracey Delphia after hearing her speak in numerous meetings. She is smart, open-minded, kind, respectful and an independent thinker. Tracey pays attention to the finer details and is always thinking about how decisions will impact all of us down the road. She’s a true collaborator and will always give you her honest assessment – she’s the type of person we need representing us. Join me in voting Tracey Delphia for Essex Selectboard!”
-Tim Miller
Nahma Ave

“Serving on the Essex Zoning Board with Tracey gave me a front row seat to witness her intellect, analytical skills, and commitment to transparency at each meeting. These skills will serve Essex well during a challenging time for our community where transparency, communication, and clear-eyed analysis are needed more than ever. Simply put, I trust Tracey and we could not hope to find a better Select Board representative for all of us.”
-Justin St. James, Brigham Hill Rd
Past Chair, Town of Essex ZBA

“Tracey Delphia is a proven leader and advocate for equity, transparency, and the importance of public engagement. Her belief in ‘service above self’ runs deep and she has worked tirelessly for workers’ rights and social/racial equity. I trust Tracey to do what’s right for the entire Essex community, set personal opinions aside to make data driven decisions, and welcome all voices into the process. I hope you will join me in voting for Tracey Delphia for Essex Selectboard!”
-Rep. Tanya Vyhovsky
Essex 8-1

“Tracey and I have worked together in different capacities for nearly two decades.  From supporting worker’s rights with VSEA, reviewing and bargaining contracts, or most recently finding efficiencies in government through the use of technology, Tracey takes time to research an issue before taking action. Tracey has always given back to her community, previously serving on the Planning Commission in South Burlington and most recently as a Justice of the Peace and Zoning Board of Adjustment member for Essex. Tracey will serve your community well as a Selectboard member.” 
-Lucas Herring
Mayor, City of Barre

“Tracey is a tireless advocate for workers rights and has had a hand in shaping policy at the state level for many years. She treats people like they’re more than just numbers on a spreadsheet and brings the creativity we need to navigate through these difficult times. Tracey is a rare candidate: a voice for civility and someone who will always put ego aside to help move Essex forward!” 
-Conor Casey
Montpelier City Councilor

“I have known and worked with Tracey for almost two decades in a variety of roles.  In my positions over time in State Government and eventually as a Member of the General Assembly, Tracey’s name has often appeared in my head as an ideal candidate to sit on Boards or Commissions due to her keen desire to push away the minutia and consider the real issues both creating and solving problems.

I have found her to be intensely focused on success and dedicated to seeing things are done correctly and in the bright sunlight of full participation.  Process is important to Tracey which makes her a strong fit for this public trust position.  

Voters in Essex would have a hard time identifying a better candidate to represent them.”
-Rep Robert Hooper
Burlington 6-1

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